The Water Portal

The current European policies in the field of environment and health, as well as control and monitoring, aimed more on integrated management, prevention, information and public participation in decision-making, in order to use citizens as a lever to promote interventions environmental improvement and consequently exert significant actions on the health, economy and development.

In keeping with these guidelines, the Ministry of Health has developed the "Water Portal", which aims to improve its information system, through the construction of a network, easily accessible and searchable by the public, are able to provide and receive information in real time on water quality.

This initiative will provide a useful tool in one hand and technologically advanced institutions involved in water management (Regions, Autonomous Provinces, Municipalities, State and the European Union) and the other will support the strengthening of the processes of citizen participation as expected, however, by the European directives, constituting an interface able to provide the latest information on topics related to water.
The "Water Portal" consists of two main sections relating to bathing water and drinking water.